Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim (“Easy-claim”) is a convenient way for Southern Cross members to claim for eligible healthcare services at the time of purchase, without completing a claim form.

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Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC’s no-fault scheme if they’re injured in an accident. This includes children, beneficiaries and students. It doesn’t matter if they’re working, unemployed or retired. It also includes visitors to New Zealand.

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Terms and conditions apply:

PAYMENT POLICY  Payment is expected on the day of service, as is the custom for professional services. In addition, fees may vary from visit to visit depending on the complexity of your care and the condition of your body. For full payment policy and fee schedule outline, please check with reception.

CANCELLATION POLICY – Any rescheduling or cancellation within 12 hrs of the appointment or a missed appointment may incur a cancellation fee. No show is considered a cancelled appointment.

For Psychology service fees please click here.

Fee Schedule for Chiropractic Services

ACC Surcharge


Initial Consultation


First Visit

Basic Treatment


Per Visit

Standard Treatment


Per Visit

Extended Treatment


Per Visit

Fee Schedule for Acupuncture Services

Fee Schedule for Massage Therapy Services